When purchasing an item, a paid invoice or a bank payment order works as a guarantee card, which records the time and amount of purchase. 

1.The warranty does not cover mechanical damage to the product, scratches caused by careless, improper operation of the product; .

2.The warranty does not apply to the design elements of the product - broken, lost fittings, embellishments, if the zippers are broken and the lock and other shoe accessories are broken;

3.Warranty repairs will not be carried out on goods damaged under the influence of water, if the terms of their use did not specify "waterproof";

4.If the buyer is unable to present a valid payment order, the guarantee obligation is cancelled;

5.The warranty does not cover damage to goods caused by fires, floods, earthquakes or other disasters;

6.The warranty does not apply to footwear in repairs or repairs carried out at home;

7.The warranty does not apply in case of damage caused by improper choice of footwear;

8.The warranty does not apply if stains of other colors and shades have occurred;

9.The warranty does not apply in case the shoes have stained socks or sock products - the inner surfaces of the shoes can in rare cases be painted with natural dyes that can stain the legs and socks;

10.The warranty does not apply in case of physical wear and tear of shoes;

11.These warranty conditions are in accordance with the consumer's rights.